About Us


If you want clothing that brings all the elements you need to succeed in sport together in one brand then you are in the right place. We are Thickskinned Apparel, a company that makes sports clothing in the same way you play and master your game.  

At Thickskinned apparel we take what we do seriously making clothing that not only makes you feel like a winner but look like one too. Our passion, positive attitude and drive- to-succeed work ethic flows in who we are and what we produce. If we cannot make clothing that makes you feel like a winner then we would rather not make it at all. 

Thickskinned apparel realises the blood, a lot of sweat! and tears that have flowed for the sport that you love. The lifelong passion of everyone on our professional team appreciates and understands the commitment and sacrifices needed to keep striving for success in sport.   

From our own passion for sport and appreciation of quality products and service we work with principals that align our goals in the same way you approach your sport.  We are working to succeed at the highest level and in doing so hope to produce products that inspire our customers because they look and feel great. With Thickskinned apparel, we are on the same road looking to succeed.   

We go more than the extra mile because we know that success in any endeavour is a constant act of incremental improvements over time and that there is no shortcuts. With us, each garment is made for the perfect fit and the perfect feel. We don’t cut corners to score the goal or finish first, we source the best to deliver the most. With every button, zip, and stitch we fuse the winning mindset of a sportsman with that of a confident happy person. With our clothing, we want you to feel great and be inspired to push yourself to succeed in your chosen discipline.  

With Thickskinned apparel, we know the secret to success in sport starts with feeling great. We only use the best materials to make our clothing feel great and we hope you carry this feeling onto the field, track, court, or gym and hope that in doing so are able to achieve the very best in the sport you love.